Meet Elena, photo of beautiful Ukrainian woman
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  • Profession :
    sports coach
  • Languages :
    English basics
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  • Children :
    a son born in 2013
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    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman easy to live with a cheerful and flexible character. I can’t stand quarrels and arguments. I believe that all problems and misunderstandings can be resolved amicably. We just have to be patient and friendly with each other. At the same time, I am an emotional and sentimental person and often my feelings prevent me from being objective. By my character, I am a fighter, and I have become accustomed to achieving the goals I have set for myself. It’s really great when you can be proud of the good work you’ve done. Do you agree? As you can see in my profile, my work is directly related to sport because I am a fitness coach. Although it is not my job in the past, but I have always wanted to be active and in good shape and I love my job. That’s why I thought: and why couldn’t my hobby be my job? But that doesn’t mean I don’t have other hobbies. I am also an excellent cook. Yes. I like to cook tasty dishes for my family and friends. Plus, I think it’s great to cook with my sweetheart. There is only one thing left: I have to find it :)!

  • I am looking for :
    For me, it's important that my half have a nice heart and sincere feelings. I am a person who does not hide true emotions and deep thoughts. I would like to get the same attitude in return. Moreover, I find it rather attractive when the man has an excellent sense of humor. A good joke can beat my sweet heart. Smile. Of course, this will be a great advantage if my half shares my hobby and also loves sports as it will have a good chance of spending more time together and sharing magical moments.