Meet Ekaterina, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    HR in a computer company
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    English voucher and good German
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    I am a beautiful and ambitious and persevering ukrainian woman. I have experience living and working in Germany. This experience has changed my vision of life, certain values and certain goals of life because I have travelled extensively throughout Europe to discover and favour new cultures, a mentality and another way of life. It opened my eyes and enriched my inner world. I can say that I have become another person but some qualities are natural to me and cannot be changed. I have always been honest, kind, passionate, responsible, motivated, hardworking, balanced and loving life. I’m resourceful with great potential. I feel good. I like to look feminine and sexy for my man and get his attention with just a look.

    Travelling is my passion. There are so many places to discover. I dream of going on a cruise one day. I have good friends who like to spend time together at the movies, biking, playing badminton or barbecuing. I go to the gym, the pool and do yoga. I love playing tennis and every night I go for a run. I draw pictures when I’m inspired. I like to help people in every way I can. Personal development is important to me, which is why I attend seminars, webinars and attend conferences. I study psychology because it helps me in life. I’m good at organizing different events. The sea, the mountains, the forest are for me a source of energy.

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    I'm looking for the right man who's willing to start a family. I would like us to become first good friends, then passionate lovers and life partners who share all the ups and downs who are comfortable with each other and who like not only to talk to each other but also to be silent. I would like us to share core values such as respect, loyalty, mutual understanding and support to start a close-up, happy and loving family. I am looking for the relationship that is satisfying emotionally, mentally and physically for both of us.