Meet Daria, photo of beautiful Ukrainian girl
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    Basic English
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    a girl born on 20.11.2004
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    I am a beautiful, passionate Ukrainian woman who is dynamic and ambitious. My passion for oriental dance has become my profession. I am creative in general, and interested in many things, especially art. I also love animals and flowers. Recently I am interested in aquariums and aqua design. I like to do embroidery. I like going to the theater, listening to music, reading. I spend a lot of time with my daughter. I like to travel and get to know new cultures. And I’m passionate about psychology. My friends say that I am a diplomat and conflict, that I avoid conflict by finding compromises. I think every problem has a solution. I can be very persistent and even stubborn. Like all artistic people I am sensitive and romantic, but I do not like to show my emotions. On the one hand it’s good, especially if I’m angry, I don’t show it, on the other hand I can look cold when people don’t know me. I don’t like to cry, I only do it in case something bad has happened to me, or if I’ve seen a really sad movie :).

  • I am looking for :
    Given that I have been raising my daughter on my own for 13 years, the most important criterion for me in the man I am looking for is that he is serious and trustworthy, and that he has a sense of responsibility for his family. Appearance is also important to me. I prefer tall, athletic men. I'm not a materialist but I like successful men. The most important thing of course is love mutual respect and trust.