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Thierry’s impressions of his Ukrainian encounters in Kharkiv post-covid (travel in mid-August 2020, following 2 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna. Well arrived at the hotel. Nickel is a new hotel. It’s just open. Good contact with Andrei.

Hyper long journey. At the airport only passport control. Nothing else. I did the Covid test and the insurance for nothing.

Great first night. Terrace rest, Good music 🙃

There are a lot of pretty women as 🤣😂

… And I drank my first Ukrainian beer.

I’ll let you know about the appointments. It’s also important😎


I’ve met almost every woman.

Excellent date with Tatyana, I’ll review quickly.

Alla wants to see you with an interpreter as well. She is an interesting woman, discreet and cultured.

I’m seeing Svetlana again today for the third time. She is an exceptional woman, she is the one I like the most at the moment, and we have a lot in common.

Marina I met yesterday would like to see me again. I’ll see her, but I don’t think the current’s going very well between us.


I met Elena yesterday. The meeting was magical. We are already on facebook, instagram etc :).

We are going to Lviv for a week to confirm our long letters and our meeting yesterday.

I’m going to warn everyone else very courteously that I won’t see them again this week.

Elena has the magic I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for everything!


Hello Kateryna. Just to tell you that we went to Liviv with Elena, and this little week spent in Lviv was exceptional. In every way. I came home last night from Kharkov. I’ll be back in a month, Elena will be back for a few days and we’ll be back in the Carpathians this time. It is planned to see each other once a month, I will come and as soon as she can, I will bring her to Barcelona. We gave ourselves 6 months for her to join me living in Barcelona and to learn the basics of our language. Here. You know 😉 everything. Again, thank you.