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Testimony on the meetings in Kharkiv post-covid (Olivier: trip from 20 to 25 July 2020)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

I made it. My test done in France a few days before the start worked and I did not have any problems. You can inform your other customers :).

My insurance that you advised also worked very well. I had to present it during my stopover in Minsk and on arrival in Kharkov.

The stay started very well with the meeting with Maria.

We agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon to walk around Gorky Park.

The second date with Eugenia was pretty average. She is very pretty but seems a little in her world. Always on a business trip, it was her friends who pushed her to register. I feel it… Weird. No crush on her.

So I sympathized with the translator Katia who introduces me to Kharkiv as a tour guide. We ate together at the restaurant. I know! That’s not the point! The hotel is very good and I enjoy it to the fullest.

Thank you for the perfect organization.


Good evening Kateryna. Second day went very well. Two appointments with Julia and Margarita inconclusive, but a nice walk with Marya. Julia is quite old despite her age. Plus it’s pretty “simple.” Evgenia is physically pretty but she has special mimics, I don’t know if it’s shyness or mockery. Too cerebral for me, even if we speak the same computer language. As for Margarita, she is very reserved and nervous, because this is her first date. I think I impressed him. She doesn’t have an easy life: young children, difficult divorce (as often) she has an endearing side. She’ll certainly find someone.

With Marya, we agreed to have dinner tomorrow night. I really like it, it is prettier than in pictures. There is just still a little reserve on his part that I can not decipher: shyness, arrogance … She knows she’s pretty and I’m afraid she’s a bit of a princess.

Congratulations on the professionalism of the interpreters. They are a great help.


Hello Kateryna. Third day. I visited Kharkiv on foot around the hotel. It’s a beautiful city. Evgenia contacted me to see us again, but I told her that I had met someone and wanted to spend time with her.

I had an appointment with Marya at the restaurant last night with the interpreter. I really don’t know if I’m interested. Too bad because I like it a lot. She offered to see me again on Friday but I already have two appointments. Today she has to stay with a friend who lost her father.


Hello Kateryna.

Marya sent me a message that she was finally not following through. She wished me to find the right person and have a good time afterwards. Very a pity, because I really liked it …

Yesterday I took advantage of the free time to visit Kharkiv. It really is a beautiful city that deserves more tourists. I met Alena and our interpreter let us do very well in English. I had a good evening with her but I don’t feel any attraction to her. She’s very smart. She has a perfect English accent and a very European life. There is still Marina this afternoon…


Very good date with Marina. Only problem, it’s a pity that I met him at the end of my stay. I’m going to have dinner with her tonight. It’s a pity that at the moment the borders are closed and she can’t come to France. But I’ll keep in touch with her by Whatsapp.


Hello Kateryna, here I just landed in Paris. Everything went well. Andrei took me to the airport in time. On return to France they offer a free but not mandatory test at the airport.

Thanks again for the organization.

I didn’t find my happiness this time but it’s only a discounted part. I plan to contact other members and meet them in 1 or 2 months in Kharkov