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Stephane’s opinion on his meeting stay in Kharkov (mid-December 2020, following 1.5 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Bonjour Kateryna

My trip went exactly as planned. I’m at the apartment, Andre it was great we discussed well and everything is well explained thank you for this organization Katerina and I will keep you informed of the rest of the appointments.


Hello Kateryna today I had a very nice meeting and it went very well, maybe too good because I did not see the time pass and unfortunately I was late for my second appointment of the day, I’m very sorry, because I do not like to miss leap.

This first meeting was fantastic, I just loved it… Elena obviously she is a very beautiful very elegant woman, she knows what she wants. At first she was not very much to come to France, then while discussing she said why not, and for now we agree to see us again and probably that I will go to see her in Kiev in January, finally it all depends on my other meetings obviously.

I have told you already but I like Olga very much and I expect a lot from this meeting. Then we’ll see!

And translator Kateryna is a very competent and humane woman. She just called me to tell me that she loved this job.

The apartment is top, very well appointed and very clean. What I have seen from Kharkov so far is a beautiful city with all the amenities. The restaurant today was very good and a very nice setting.


Hello Kateryna, so it went very well with Oksana and also with Anna. They want to see me again, but first I want to meet Olga and Yana. The other Anna canceled today. So I’m very happy and I’m especially waiting for my meeting with Olga.

You’re right about the number of meetings… 7 meetings in 6 days is too much! And for now Elena is the one I like the most.


Good evening Kateryna I wanted to tell you that my meeting with Olga was great I am very very happy with this meeting and I think we get along really well I will see her tomorrow normally I had to meet Anna tomorrow morning at 11am but honestly I do not think to go further than that, so I wanted to say thank you for all this.

Quite honestly Katerina with Olga it’s like we’ve both been planning this meeting for a long time. She was very well dressed she was at the hairdresser especially she had a gift for me in my name I was really touched and from the start we put ourselves there next to the other hand in hand it was as if it was fate, you know?


I wanted to let you know that Olga’s going to take me to the airport on Friday morning, maybe you can tell Andre? We communicate through Viber. I had planned to go to see her in Kiev in January but apparently this would not be possible. We are discussing the possibilities of seeing each other again quickly.

Elena or Alyona is also a very nice meetingI really do not regret this week!

Thank you for all this!