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Samuel’s opinion on his meeting stay in Kharkiv (late January – early February 2021, without prior correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hi Kateryna! Well arrived in Kharkiv! Finally a return to a pretty normal life. Remangering at the restaurant was a strange feeling, almost an old memory. You can’t imagine how good it feels.

I thought of you yesterday, between Paris and Istanbul I sympathized with a couple of Ukrainians who were returning from the USA.

At check-in now they ask you in which city you did the test etc. The customs officer in Kharkiv made me pass quickly and without problems

I was really happy to be back in Kharkiv in the winter. The weather is nice, and it’s almost as pleasant as it is in summer. Elena who picked me up at the airport is adorable, and she shared a meal with me at the hotel


Yesterday I had a great day. I met Alena and Irina, we had a great day at the aperitif and the spa of golf. We enjoyed it a lot with Irina, she’s going to introduce me to her godmother and daughter tomorrow. I was even adopted by his dog :). I can’t wait to see the other girls but I still have a big crush on Irina. She is even more beautiful than in pictures, but above all simple, feminine, smiling, and very funny.