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Philippe (meeting trip to Kharkov, end-April 2019, following 2 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

I’m home now. Ukraine is a country that I like very much even if modernity is lacking in certain sectors of the economy and daily life. However, that is not a problem for me.

I did not use the services of the interpreter-guides because, looking for a Ukrainian wife, I did not want to see Ukraine from a taxi and through an interpreter. I proceed, for all my travels, as well. I wanted to know Ukraine live, to get an idea of mentalities, habits… Etc..

I also want to fend for myself, and respect the men and women I meet. This is done and it is positive.

I thanked the members of your team on site. I ask you to confirm my thanks to them. I think the contacts I’ve made are pretty positive overall.

Tatyana has agreed to come and see me in France, it’s good news, I’m waiting for her to come in a few weeks and you keep up to date with the progress of our relationship.

Well cordially,