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Our marriage agency is responsible for every relationship

Personalised follow-up of each Ukrainian meeting by our marriage agency
Personalised follow-up of each Ukrainian meeting by our marriage agency

Why with our agency In the Heart of the East all your exchanges pass through us until your real encounter? Some agencies sell the contact information of beautiful women from the east, and you communicate with these women directly from the beginning. Beware: what appears simple at first can be complicated by “digging” the subject.

Often these Slavic women whose contact information you bought on dating sites will answer you once or twice, only to disappear. Your correspondent may also invite you to visit him in Ukraine, and you will not find anyone on arrival at the airport. Not to mention cases where some Russian and Ukrainian women might ask you for money “to buy the tickets and come and see you” without ever coming. <…>

Personalised follow-up of each Ukrainian meeting by our marriage agency

Men, too, can behave abusively towards their female contacts: invasive beings, calling them in the middle of the night, etc.

The marriage agency or dating site that sold you the contact information of these women will not be responsible for its unsuccessful contacts, because your direct exchanges will not be their competence.

The agency or site in question will also not know who is wrong who is right that this or that meeting did not take place. And, through experience, between the number of contacts purchased and the number of actual encounters – there will be a very big difference. See, no results.

Our high-end agency Au coeur de l’Est is committed to protecting our customers and members. We also want to be responsible for all relationships. And to ensure that all meetings take place, in the conditions of trust, reliability, and comfort.

Thus, everything passes us until your actual encounters in Kharkov; After meeting your beautiful “real” suitors, you are free to exchange your contact information with the women you have met; this also applies to our members.

As part of your approach with our serious marriage agency, if you have six correspondents, for example – you will meet the six women. No one disappears and no one “falls into the water.” Of course, each client and member can see some discrepancies that seem incompatible during the pre-meeting exchanges. At this point, we can stop the exchanges with this person. Just like adding other candidates to your exchanges at any stage of your process.

Serious marriage agency

If one of your correspondents was unlucky or on the move on the day of your visit, which can happen exceptionally, we will suggest before your departure to meet another member of your choice who agrees to meet you as well, so as not to lose in the number of meetings.

All exchanges therefore pass through us, not only to be translated into French in an unlimited way, but also to ensure that every meeting took place.

In fact, every real encounter in Kharkiv will also begin with the presence of an interpreter, even if you both speak English. Just to get you to the place of appointment: you and each of your correspondents; and to ensure that each presentation has taken place.

Then you have the opportunity to continue without an interpreter if you want, and to exchange your coordination with all or with some of your Ukrainian meetings. The rest of your relationships are yours, if you wish. Or, if you prefer, we can continue to advise you and guide you in the achievements of your projects.