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Notice of Nicholas on his stay of meetings in Kharkov (mid-December 2020, following 1 month of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Good evening Kateryna, so here’s a summary of my stay

As far as the organization is concerned, everything is well planned, the translators are really nice and organized.

– Irina: a very beautiful woman with whom we hung a lot and whom I will see again. It’s even more beautiful in real life!

– Oksana: pretty woman, although not so pretty than in the pictures. It gives the impression of not being very intelligent, it was difficult to communicate even with the translator. On the other hand, his vision of the couple is very clear. I won’t follow up

– Anna: quite disappointed. An unpretentious girl who came to the Rdv without any preparation or aesthetics. Nice but it ends there.

– Viktoria: like Anna, very unprepared for the appointment, neither make-up nor elegance. On the other hand, a very good discussion. Too bad because she deserves it. But no follow-up for me.

– Natalya: I think I would have liked to have met this woman 10 years earlier. She is charming but I was not seduced. A nice meeting, nice discussion but I’m not going to follow up.

– Anna: I was very surprised and seduced by Anna. She has her feet on the ground and she has shown an interest in meeting us. Well dressed, elegant and a pretty silhouette.

– Alla: she had everything prepared, hairstyle, dress, class restaurant, and even a gift. We’ve seen each other again and you know what’s next.

I’ll ask you a few questions about it…

Good night