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Karim (meeting trip to Kharkov at the end of August 2019, without prior correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello, Kateryna yes my stay is great well, the women were all liked at least interesting, I make you a small report, about them, Elena very nice but does not physically correspond to my research, Nathalia very good meeting, we spent an afternoon together at the hotel pool, but she remains a very aristocratic woman I think suit her but not me. the two you advised Marina it’s not even bothered to style this properly and Eugenia too attracted by alcohol .

as for Olga very charming woman we are seen several times, woman laid and very calm, Elena the only one who can charm me we are in correspondence she wants to come to France to see me, but I feel not ready yet, as for Elena I have only seen it an hour she must write to me, but she does not pack too much.

overall it’s positive, but when she’s actually with me and she sees my look and she walks with me in the street, they start to get scared, I suit them but I scare them, so here you want in conclusion there’s only 25-year-olds 30 years old who want me while I have exceeded this horizon , but hey I do not despair,

good weekend