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Franck (meeting trip to Kharkov in mid-December 2019, following 3 weeks of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

I am very well settled, the apartment is very good (situation, cleanliness, services, heating,…)

I just met Marina with Vita as an interpreter.

The appointment went well, she is a cultured girl, simple, straight, not complicated.

We have to meet again on Saturday morning.

The 2pm meeting with Tatiana is reported, it was Lilia who called me to warn me.

I had a meeting earlier at 6:00 p.m. with Marina and the interpreter Olga.

Kind regards


Good evening Kateryna,

Today I met Elena with Vita as an interpreter.

She is a charming brunette, with a nice smile, healthy, funny and simple.

Then I met Oksana with Lilia a beautiful woman, feminine, friendly, sweet.

Both are motivated to find a man from Western Europe. They have all the capabilities to fill this man.

Despite their obvious qualities, they are not my types of women.

Meeting them was very nice to me.

I just had dinner with Tatiana and Vita.

She is a beautiful woman, very cultured, independent, extremely determined and motivated in her choices.

She’s more Western European than Ukrainian.

I was impressed by his culture and determination.

Dinner was extremely nice, we have to see each other again on Saturday.

So much for today.

Kind regards



Good evening Kateryna,

This morning I saw Marina with Olga as a performer
We ate together. It’s not my style, it’s still a beautiful woman, sweet, balanced, kind.
We decided to see each other friendly.

At 3pm, I saw Natalia with Vita.
She has a lot of class, very feminine, sweet, intelligent, poised,…
I feel like we have some common expectations (travel, leisure,..)
We both have to meet again on Friday.
Despite the language barrier, we were able to exchange in English.
I took her back to the metro station.

At 6pm, I saw Julia with Lilia
She has everything for herself (Class, Youth, Humor,…) but she wants a child.
I was honest and I told him it wasn’t mine.
The evening was really good, I am convinced that she will find the soul mate and future father of her children.
She’s a great girl.

I really like the performers Vita and Lilia.
They are really extra and perfectly accompany the woman and the man who meet.
Here’s For Today.
Kind regards.


Hello Kateryna,

Nataliia is due to come to France from 13 to 23 January.
It’s great even if there’s the language barrier.
I went back to English to be up to the level.
I suggested to Tatiana to come at the end of February, I do not have her answer yet.
I’m still conversing with Elena and Natalia.
Thank you for your help in coming to France.
I want it to work, too.
Good night