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    higher education
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    Sales Manager
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    English basics
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    no children
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    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman with whom you can always find a topic of conversation. I love communication and I am always open to new encounters. I think kindness is something that should be appreciated and spread. Also, I think we need to make this world a better place through a little more humor and laughter, don’t we?))
    I joke and laugh a lot, but that doesn’t mean I have my head in the clouds! I am a very serious woman, especially when it comes to real feelings and relationships.
    Also, I think life can’t be wasted and I try to discover all its treasures, so no long sessions on the couch for me! I prefer active rest. I love cooking to please my family and friends, learning new recipes, and of course, I’ll be happy to cook for my future husband))
    I like to go to the cinema, the theatre, the music concerts or the shows … The opening of new places and the discovery of new sites bring great pleasure and help me to broaden my horizons and my experiences.

  • I am looking for :
    I don't need a perfect man, because I'm so far from being a perfect man myself)))
    What I am looking for is someone with whom I would feel comfortable and with whom I would be myself. Someone who can make me feel at home even if we are lost in the woods ... Smile
    I expect him to be ready to face different life situations, where he would need his sense of humour, strength of character and determination. After all, a man must remain a man.
    He must be faithful to me and our family. Only a trustworthy man can melt my heart and have all my love and tenderness.