Direct Dating Tour with Au Coeur de l’Est

This formula is intended for our clients wishing to meet Russian and Ukrainian women directly in Kharkov, without prior correspondence. This principle should allow you to meet an unlimited number of Ukrainian women, previously selected with our council, who would, for their part, want to meet you directly.

NB: You don’t have to spend a week there. If you leave longer, the package will be increased in proportion to the length of the stay. If you leave for less time, the package will be cheaper.

  • All dates are right for us. We organize each trip individually. You will only need to book your airline tickets and let us know. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • We advise you to meet 5 to 6 women if your trip lasts a week. This number of meetings proves to be the most fruitful by experience. It gives you enough choice of candidates and enough time to spend with the one you are most interested in. If you want to meet more or fewer candidates, this does not affect the amount of your plan.
  • Before you leave, we give you the schedule of your appointments, so you know in advance which day and when you meet which member you choose.
  • We also give you the contact information of the interpreters who will accompany you as well as the address of your accommodation.
  • You are picked up as soon as you arrive at the airport by our local partners who are waiting for you at the exit of the plane.
  • You are accompanied by taxi and housed in a comfortable apartment in downtown Kharkov equipped with Wi-Fi etc. You are escorted to the airport on your return as well.
  • The person in charge of your stay will give you a Ukrainian mobile phone with a local package upon arrival.
  • The interpreters will call you as soon as you arrive to confirm the appointments of the pre-arranged schedule before your departure. 1 hour of interpretation per woman is included. After an hour, you are free to communicate with each woman directly without an interpreter. You will be charged 15 Euros per hour for interpretation overtime.
  • The interpreters will pick you up for each appointment.
  • You will meet all the candidates, according to the pre-arranged schedule, before you leave for Kharkov.
  • You will be able to see as many women as you like, provided that their interest is reciprocal. The interpreters will manage your additional appointments with the women you want to see again.
  • All appointments are scheduled for the start of your stay, so that you can later review the maximum number of times the women (s) that will please you the most (if reciprocal).