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Christophe (meeting trip to Kharkov in mid-September 2019, after the two-and-a-half month correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Good evening kateryna.

Three dates. Anna’s kind of on the reservation. As we had no correspondence it is very different.

Rv average in people chemistry with Irina .

But Rv exceptional and very interesting with Olga . We should spend the day together this Sunday. But his father didn’t sleep the night very sick. The interpreter will hear from you tomorrow. We want to see each other again, I have such a good of course. I’m afraid his father will die.

She will therefore have her mind in grief sadness. I hope with great pleasure that we will spend one or two evenings together. Am pleasant seduced on my side.

I visited on foot and a bit by subway. From the apartment to the gorky park.

Seen an Orthodox wedding in the church behind the karkov monument. Very beautiful ceremony with the wreaths. The priest’s clothes and music. In short 100km on foot. His relaxes.

But in a Sino way we had spent the day together I’m not sure to be for the other rv

Impartial and listens .

Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for catching up. And good evening. Christ

Am delighted with positive impressions.


I have a concern with Olga. I left him several unanswered messages.

But as her father is sick on Sunday her family came to see him she told the interpreter

For more answers. I wish we’d see each other before I left.

But I’m afraid his father is dead. Can you be clearing me up or through you give me quick news.

Reassuring about his dad and those intentions. Thank you.



Thanks for the instructions l interprets my such shortly after my email. I once again notice the professionalism of your work.

No, I’m not lost.

But its develops a lot of emotions.

Have you heard from Olga and her father. ?



Good evening kateryna

This is a very positive journey to refine in the future.

And tomorrow back to Savoy.

I hope very much in the future, ☺