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    English basics
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    daughter-1991, daughter-2013
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    I am a beautiful woman focused on family and family is important to me. I was born and raised in a big family where everyone respected and supported each other in love and care. This is how I raise my daughters now and my home is my castle. I love it when my family gets together for family dinners to share the day’s events or to watch a movie together. I try to live in harmony, joy and the positive. Life is too short to be ruined by negativity. My mind is always open for something new and my heart is open for love. I am always ready to help and support if anyone needs it.

    My father brought me to the racecourse when I was a little girl since that time I am in love with horses. I often ride horses in the forest. I was born by the sea and the mountains. I like to go to the mountains, camp, long walks in the forest. I ski and skate in winter. I like to walk barefoot along the beach to collect shells. I like diving, swimming, canoeing, sailing and cruising. I ride a bike, go to the gym and dance. Photography is my hobby, especially when I travel, I take a lot of interesting photos as souvenirs from my travels. I love it when my friends come to my house. I usually cook something tasty to treat them. As a fashion designer, I work miracles with thread and needle by creating interesting clothes for a model agency and a theater. I draw and sculpt. I participate in transformational trainings and yoga retreats. I like to garden and grow flowers. I’m learning English

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    For me, family is a team where everyone looks in the same direction, decisions are made together and compromise is always reached by discussing and negotiating. The family is the place where love lives, where people respect and trust each other. Family is like a house with solid walls built with love and dreams that no storm can ruin. I want to hurry home because I am loved, supported, understood and cared for at home and where I find peace. As a woman, I will do my best to make you feel happiest at home.