Meet Tatyana, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    University professor
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    English-current, German-good, Spanish-bases
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    My character is like an image of different colors. I am gentle, easy going and sociable. I have a big heart full of love, compassion and respect for people. I’m romantic and feminine. But with that, I have a strong personality with leadership skills that I have developed a thoughtful life. I can take responsibility for the decision I make. I have a fixed position and life values. I am a good speaker and I am comfortable playing in front of a large audience. But I try to create a harmony between the colors of my character. I am a positive person and in every situation I see nothing but good.

    Most of my time is devoted to science and research. I like new discoveries and new projects. I travel a lot for work and pleasure. I participate in various international conferences, seminars and I give training. I appreciate art in all its forms. I have studied the history of painting and sculpture, which is why I am interested in visiting museums and art galleries around the world. I am interested in philosophy and psychology. I take courses in public speaking and theatre. I read a lot, I go to the theater and the movies. I like to meet my friends and spend time with my family. From my father, I have a passion for cold weapons and shooting. I play pool. I like karting and Formula 1 racing. I love motorsport and motorcycling. I go to the gym and do yoga and wushu. I dream of skydiving. I play board games and table tennis. I am interested in Orientalism and sometimes I organize Chinese tea ceremonies. I like to dance (waltz, tango, belly dance). I write haiku poems.

  • I am looking for :
    My man is strong, funny, responsible and honest. I appreciate men who are able to take responsibility for his words and actions. In my man I would like to find support, care, attention and tenderness. I would like us to share our interests and develop together. I'm looking for my best friend, my life partner and my lover. I want to meet a man with a good emotional culture, a good sex education and a strong life position. I like intelligent men with a good sense of humor. It would be a bonus if a man drives a motorcycle and listens to rock music))