Meet Taisiya, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    English teacher
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    Current English
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    I am a beautiful happy and fulfilled Ukrainian girl. I love life. I love and respect people who live life with a purpose. I am gentle, tender and sensitive. I have a good sense of humor and I try to solve the problem with a smile! I am easy going, sociable, caring and adventurous. But of course I’m not perfect. As a real woman, I’m not always punctual but I try to be everywhere in time.

    Travelling is interesting to me when I can get to know a new culture, a new mentality and meet new people. I’m always going on an adventure. I love foreign languages and my goal is to learn Spanish now. I like to go out with my friends, go somewhere on the weekend together, ride a bike to the river or the forest. I love picnics, barbecue and the outdoors. My hobby is to make photo albums and give them to my friends and acquaintances. I like the idea that people keep their memories happy in the album I created for them. I enjoy reading books that can help me improve. Sport is always in my life: I go to the pool, I take dance classes, I go to the gym and yoga.

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    I don't think happiness will just knock on my doors. To achieve something, we have to do something. That's why I joined this website to find my happiness, my life partner, my best friend and my sure soul. The first ideas to start looking for the right man for me abroad came to mind after my trip to the United States as part of a work and travel program. I met different people, different cultures and different mentalities. This trip was a good experience for me and allowed me to understand what I want and who I want. First of all I am looking for a man who respects women and whose heart is open to love and true feelings. I'm attached to caring, kind and intelligent men. I appreciate a sense of humour, family values and ambitions.