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    English teacher
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    English-fluent, good Spanish, Basic French
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    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman who thinks that each person is unique and amazing in their own way, which is why I love my personality and I would not want to change anything. I know the taste of life and I want to share it with someone. I am the diplomatic, intelligent and respectful person. I can be spontaneous and mobile. I like to explore challenges. I am punctual which is rare for a woman)) I have a curious mind and many interests. I have femininity, softness, elegance and sensuality in my personality. I will always help if anyone needs. I am kind and I believe that kind and positive people are happier in life and live longer)). I am sociable and I think that the smile not only opens many doors but also opens human hearts. In 10 years, I would like to be as in love with life as I am today and I will not lose this “little girl” who lives in me and explores the world with passion by absorbing everything like a sponge.

    I like to travel. My dream is to visit 100 countries. At the moment I have visited 44 of them. I particularly like to discover non-tourist places. By working with people of different ages and social groups, I learn psychology. I’ve finished cooking classes, so trust me, I know how to make a perfect steak)) I go to the gym, play volleyball and basketball, do yoga and meditate. I like music and going to concerts. I take contemporary dance lessons and singing lessons. Sometimes I like to stay alone and watch a good movie or read an interesting book (have a good library at home). I love art especially the Renaissance. I like to embroider. My largest photo I embroidered was 2 meters tall.

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    I love France and France vibrates in every cell of my body. I love Paris and would stay there again. I love Bordeaux for its wines and cheeses, Brittany for seafood, the south of France for its beauty and pleasant climate. I lived 2 years with a Frenchman and I know your country and your mentality very well. I was recommended this serious agency which is important to me. I decided to use this opportunity and find my love. There is nothing sweeter for me than seeing elderly couples walking and holding hands. I want to meet this man whom I will hold by his hand until our last breath. I want this man to be a strong rock for me in life with whom we will weather all the storms and enjoy the rainbow.