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    Export Director
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    good English
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    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman dynamic and loving life. I like Albert Einstein’s words: “Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.” I live by this principle. I love and enjoy the weather, that’s why I’m punctual. Every day I try to find time for my personal development. I’m always looking for the positive in every situation, even an empty glass is still filled enough for me and I can do something positive with this glass. I like to laugh and make jokes. I think the best dress a woman can wear is her smile. People say I’m charismatic.
    Travelling is my passion. I usually combine business and pleasure. I try to discover new places, cultures and people. I like live music and jazz. I go to opera, theatre and ballet with pleasure. Art is my passion and especially painting. Sport is my way of life. My morning starts with the race. I ride my bike, ski, yoga. I also like to drive my car. I will visit my parents as often as possible. I appreciate the time I spend with my family. I like to learn and especially to read.

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    I've already mentioned that I travel a lot. I noticed that the mentality of Western European men corresponds to my character. My interests and my way of life are the same as in France and this means that it is very possible to find my soul safe, which is why I decided to look for my life partner on the French website. My partner's happiness is important to me. I am primarily looking for relationships based on trust and loyalty. In relationships, we may have different interests, but we must respect and understand each other.