Meet Nataliya, photo of beautiful Ukrainian woman
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  • Profession :
    internet shop manager
  • Languages :
    English basics
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  • Children :
    a girl born in 2007
  • Description :

    I am a beautiful ukrainian woman realistic and humble. I am sincere in my intention to create a committed, loving and sincere relationship. I am a woman of gentle nature, loving, caring, friendly and caring. I think perfect people don’t exist, and I’m not perfect either. I am a real woman looking for a real man, I dream of creating a family, of having harmonious relations with my future husband, of supporting each other in joy and sadness. I believe in a positive outlook on life and I am a very optimistic and open person. I go to the gym regularly to keep my body in good shape. I like romantic movies, nice music. I am always open to try something new because various activities show us the world in its many colors. I am interested in design and find inspiration in nature and in the world around me. As a creative person, I like to draw and paint, and I am interested in photography.

  • I am looking for :
    What I like most about men is intelligence, because I think it's really important to talk as a couple, and it's great when two people have a lot of topics for discussion. I love dignified and honest men, kindness is just as important to me. I would like to see these qualities in my future partner. I would like him to respect me and my interests, because I will always respect him as well. I am looking for someone serious and who wants the same thing as me: to create a close and lasting family.