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    I am a beautiful happy Ukrainian woman and everything is in harmony in my life. The only thing I want to improve is my private life. I’m looking for my soul mate. I am a family-oriented woman and family is my priority now. By character, I am active and sociable. I have many friends and they know they can always count on me. I’m feminine and playful. I like to give people positive emotions and smiles. I also appreciate people with a good sense of humor. Like any woman, I can’t be punctual 🙂

    For me, life is movement. You don’t often see me sitting at home doing nothing. I’m going to the gym and the pool. I enjoy walking in nature, hiking, barbecuing and picnicking. I cook very well and especially like to try the local cuisine when I travel to a new place. I like spending time with my son. I go to the movies, the theatre, the exhibitions or I see my friends in a restaurant or a cafĂ©. I like to learn and discover something new. I attend various courses and seminars. I think we need to grow all the time.

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    Many of my friends have found their happiness in France and I want to try too. I am open to all new and other cultures. We are from different cultures and we will bring only the best in our family life and we will make our lives richer. I believe in love and here I seek warm relationships based on love, tenderness and spiritual connection. I would like to meet a man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life sharing all that life has to offer. I would like to make my soul mate happy by giving her my love and care.