Meet Eugenia, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    Lecturer in telecommunications, computer networks and cybersecurity
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    English-current, Turkish-current, Swedish-good, French-bases
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    By nature I am the kind and patient and absolutely peaceful person. Compromise is the best life strategy for me. I consider myself rather goal-oriented and successful, but behind my success is hard work on my development, my education and my goals. Life gives me opportunities in life and I have had a life and work experience as a university professor in Europe, which is why I am familiar and attracted to the life and mentality of people in other countries. I am a woman with traditional values. I like to look, behave and feel feminine and sexy. I love life but sometimes I can also be naïve. I trust people and I only believe in their good even if sometimes people benefit from it.

    I have hobbies and varied interests. If it’s winter I like to ski and skate. If it’s summer it’s the sea, nature, picnics, biking. I encourage my daughter to have family traditions. For example, every weekend we prepare pancakes for breakfast or family dinner as often as possible. I try to run every morning. I go to the gym to stay fit and be healthy. I travel a lot as much for work as for pleasure. I like to learn and especially foreign languages. When I learn a foreign language, I listen to music from that country. I like to read a lot. I enjoy participating in international conferences and projects to meet new and interesting people.

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    I joined this site because I believe in destiny and love. Each person is unique, which is why I am looking for my man. There are basic qualities that I would like to find in my life partner: intelligence, kindness, family. I prefer a man whose actions speak louder than words. I would like us to look in the same direction and share some common interests. If my life partner has children, I will accept them as mine and I expect you to do the same with my daughter. I imagine our family life full of love, peace and harmony. I would like us to spend a lot of time as a family with children and as a couple just you and I together to enjoy each other and keep the fire burning in our relationships.