Meet Elena, photo of beautiful mature Ukrainian woman
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  • Education :
    Technical school
  • Residence :
  • Profession :
    manager of a hotel complex
  • Languages :
    English basics
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  • Family situation :
  • Children :
    a girl born in 1996
  • Description :

    I am a pretty ukrainian woman balanced and calm. I am also very hardworking and demanding at work, I love my job. I’m easy going, my friends say at least, I think I have a pretty strong character, it helps me in my life and at work too. With my dear people, I am a gentle person, I never conflict and I think there can always be a negotiation. I’m very active, I’m always moving forward. I never stay in the same place.
    As I said, I love my job, I’m a bit greedy)) When I travel, I like to try new dishes and brine recipes at home. I love physical workouts, like swimming and jogging in the morning, they give me a lot of positive emotions and help keep fit. I love long walks, especially in good company, when you have a lot to say)) I enjoy my rest by nature. I have friends I go home with from time to time. I’m always on the move, I want to travel and I like to develop travel itineraries.

  • I am looking for :
    I am looking for an industrious, well-balanced person, with his own goals and wishes, compromising at the same time, we must be compatible in our characters. I know that every person has weak sides. I'm not looking for a perfect person. I would like him to be kind and with a good sense of humor. We should also have similar interests. He must love to travel and open new horizons. I would also like my future man to be trustworthy and reliable. He should be that solid stone to me, so he should protect his family.