Meet Anna, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    sports coach
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    English basics
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    I am a beautiful loving Ukrainian woman with an easy-going personality. I am a person in love with life, well balanced, honest and kind. I try to find happiness even in my worst moments of life… there’s a sense to everything,” I think. I am a hard-working person in all areas of my life. I like to be active, healthy and fit because sport is my life. I love being myself and I always treat people with respect and understanding. I dream of a warm home with lots of laughter and complicity.

    I am a happy person because my work is also my hobby. Working as a personal trainer, I study all possible skills to make our bodies healthy, fit and young. All kinds of massages, osteopathy interest me a lot. I dream of one day opening my own sports club with a massage room. Travelling is also my passion. I like to visit countries with beautiful beaches where I can go diving. I like to garden and grow green plants. I enjoy spending time with my friends at the movies, bowling and playing pool.”

  • I am looking for :
    I would like to meet a man with traditional family values and healthy views on life. It is a good mix of intelligence and strength of mind. Like me, my beloved loves a healthy lifestyle. He is kind, positive funny and tries to achieve his goals. He enjoys taking care of his family and maintaining his romantic relationship. I want us to be comfortable with each other and at the same time share some hobbies and interests. I want us to be a happy couple, lovers, partners and best friends