Meet Anna, photo of beautiful Ukrainian woman
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  • Date of birth :
  • Zodiac sign :
  • Hair color :
    Light brown
  • Eyes color :
  • Height :
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  • Education :
  • Residence :
  • Profession :
    Director of a medical centre
  • Languages :
    English basics
  • Smoker :
  • Family situation :
  • Children :
    no children
  • Description :

    I am not at all a beautiful ordinary Ukrainian woman 🙂 What is so unusual about me? I always try to tell the truth and be honest with myself and others. Some of my friends say that I am a simple but faithful person and that I always reach out in difficult times. I am determined and focused on my goals and I can make quick and difficult decisions. In addition to my strong values, I can be gentle and caring. I am very feminine and always elegant. I work a lot and have a lot of responsibilities: I run a medical centre, but I am not a doctor.
    I love animals, friendly and smiling, the sense of humor helps me to overcome bad times and live my life to the fullest. In addition, I am an adventurer and willing to take a risk if I need it. I’m not perfect but I try to live with an agreement with myself.
    I like to spend time with my friends and family, I like to walk and meditate in nature, I like to read and travel, I like to play sports and go to the gym, I lead a healthy life. I like to dance and sing. I like to go to the pool and spend time on the beach 🙂

  • I am looking for :
    As an open-minded woman, I would like to meet here a man who will be on the same wavelength as me. I think that neither age nor any other figure have anything to do with love and relationships, there is a chance of falling in love at any age. Physical appearance is not very important to me, what is important is that he is faithful, honest and I would also like my man to have the ability to keep his words, but his action speaks even louder. I like ambitious men and men who are not afraid to show their affections and emotions.