Meet Alesya, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    Intermediate Italian
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    no children
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    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman calm and reserved. It is said that if you want to know a person better, you just have to look them in their eyes, because everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. And if you look me in the eye you will see calm and also harmony, you will see that despite everything, I am still a woman who believes in mutual feeling and I want to believe that I can make a man happy. I am not one of those overconfident or independent women, I will not be able to stop the world, but I am one of those women who can support you, be loyal and accept you as you are. The marriage agency is a new beginning for me so for my future partner I am ready to change everything: culture, language and country of life. And you, what are you willing to do for the woman of your life?
    I enjoy reading, spending time at home, spending time with friends, I love to travel and my best hobby is to make others smile and make them happier.

  • I am looking for :
    I am not looking for an ideal man; I'd like to meet a man who can be ideal just for me. I won't be able to accept a man who is rude, aggressive and lacking in manners. I will be happy to see a kind man, easy going, serious by my side, more important to me that he is not afraid of responsibility and commitment.
    I want him to be attentive and to be able to show his signs of affection with words and actions. I prefer to meet a woman who can keep her words no matter what and of course I am only interested in those who are willing to meet me in real life.