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Cedric’s return to his meeting stay in Kharkov (early November 2020)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hi Kateryna,

I got to Kharkov! At the airport, it was very easy. They just asked me for insurance and the test. No further questions. Everything was perfect and on time. Nothing to report.

Everything went well with Ekaterina. She loved the surprise with the flowers and champagne. We’ll go to Kharkiv Palace tonight to celebrate two of our birthdays.

During the day, all restaurants are open here. They are supposed to close at 8pm, but in reality almost everything is open even at night.


Bonjour Kateryna

Everything’s fine with Ekaterina. We are more than on the same wavelength is great. I love learning Russian. She told me that I was uttering a lot of words. I really expect to have a good level in Russian. I learn to read, I know how to count, I know the basic words thank you, hello, etc. Ekaterina’s giving me a foundation.

I’m so happy. No more misunderstanding. She loved everything I prepared. We are harmony on tastes, ideas, flavors, etc.