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Frederick, 51 (Luxembourg) and Natalya, 40 (Kharkov)

Testimony meets Ukrainian and Russian women of the agency In the Heart of the East
Témoignage rencontre femmes ukrainiennes et russes de l'agence Au Coeur de l'Est

After ten days spent in Ukraine, saying I am happy, very happy is not strong enough compared to how I feel. My stay with his various meetings delighted me and was long moments of reflection especially after my meeting with Natalya on Valentine’s Day.

As we had exchanged before my departure, staying in Kharkiv for a long time allowed me to meet Natalya every day, to be able to share long moments together, to be able to get to know her, that she could do mine. I was also delighted to meet his daughter on a beautiful evening at Kharkiv Palace.

I had come to Kharkiv with some questions following my various exchanges with different correspondents. What I do know when I get back is that your advice has helped me throughout my journey. Matches and meetings are two totally different things.

With Natalya, we have planned for me to return to Kharkiv for a shorter stay in mid-March to spend more beautiful moments with her, and enjoy, I hope, the beginning of spring in her city. She plans to come to Luxembourg for one to two weeks in mid-April to discover her new country. We plan to go to Camargue in June because she loves riding.

The agency helped me make a great meeting. Now we must write our history together, step by step before its final installation in Luxembourg.

Thanks again to the whole team on site, Andrei, the interpreters with a special mention to Ekaterina and you who followed my trip from the south of France to make everything go well