Rencontre avec Anna, photo de belle femme russe
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  • Profession :
    étudiante en pharmacologie
  • Langues :
    anglais intermédiaire
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  • Enfants :
    pas d'enfant
  • Descriptif :

    I am a person quickly and easily fascinated by something new, so I have more than one favorite activity, and even not two, much more. One of my favorite hobby is collecting of small LEGO figurines and sets. Various colorful figurines, houses, cars, airplanes, spaceships are arranged on several shelves of my room. I also love to cook. When I was just a baby, my mother and grandmother didn’t chase me out of the kitchen, as it is often done with all other children, but involved me in every activity: to clean something, to dazzle my own pie dough, to salt from the mother’s arms. Then it seemed to me, that it was magic – from a set of non-edible, in general, raw products as a result of simple actions turned out something yummy! I still feel the same about the cooking process and get real pleasure from these transformations. But most of all I like to sew. Curtains, clothes, beautiful pillow cases – all these I sew by myself. Many people wonder how I have the patience for this job? The answer is: my hobby is my fun. The very process of modeling. In every masterpiece I put my heart, so all the ideas are made special.
    It happens, that something does not work out, then I save up for better times that sewed thing and take up with a new one. I noticed that nothing works out under a bad mood. Now I have a rule: to sew only in a good mood.
    A modest, friendly. I do not take offense at trifles, and try not to hurt the family. I am delicate, sociable, so it does not make much effort not only not to get involved in serious conflicts, but also not to act as an intermediary in someone’s confrontation. A wonderful partner and a friend who supports, and I’m ready to share the abundance that I have.

  • Je cherche :
    Caring, who will meet me after the work, will help to carry the bag and will make a tea for me. Smart, funny, who greatly misses me, being apart. Who prefers to spend free time together. A man with whom it is not necessary to prove my case or defend my point of view.