Rencontrez Anna, photo de belle femme ukrainienne
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  • Age :
  • Date de naissance :
  • Signe du Zodiaque :
  • Couleur des cheveux :
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  • Education :
    supérieure : professeur d'histoire et géographie
  • Résidence :
  • Profession :
    femme au foyer
  • Langues :
    anglais moyen
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  • Enfants :
    une fille née en 2011
  • Descriptif :

    I adore travelling, like nature and the world around us. I like to refine myself all the time and learn something new. I like to make photos, it is a special part of my life. I like to be photographed, like unexpected shots, because they contain our memories. Considering that by education I’m historian and geographer, I cannot imagine my life without these sciences. So, I think my craving for travelling is inspired by the fact that I’ve studied these sciences up-close. But in general, I believe that I have very original interests, and not anybody is interested in such topics, especially women. Here are the hobbies I adore – diving, flora, fauna, cosmos, photo, philosophy, psychology.I’m a versatile personality, and one of the most important aspects of my life is self-development. I am a kind and honest person, and these are the most important, what I appreciate in people. I am inspired by such personalities as Nelson Mandela, Angela Merkel, Charlize Theron, Adriana Lima, Stephen Hawking, brothers Meladze, Mustafa Nayem, I think that by reading this list it is becoming clear about me, my character and versatility.

  • Je cherche :
    I'm looking, first and foremost, for a honest and kind man, who could become a reliable back-up for me and my daughter. I am not looking for wealth or a heavy purse, or a man of a certain status. I am looking for MY soul mate, with whom I would feel very happy. Therefore, I see no reason to describe the color of hair or eyes of my happiness, because it doesn't matter. When it is your man, the heart will tell you about it, and it is not important what color of eyes he has or whether he has a car.