Anna | Femme ukrainienne | agence matrimoniale | Au Cœur de l'Est
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    English - pre-intermediate
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  • Enfants :
    son 12 years old, 20.12.2006
  • Descriptif :

    I like physical activity, walking outdoor, jogging when the weather is warm, aerobics, yoga. I am always happy to gather mushrooms in the forest with my friends in the autumn. I love to read. When I have time, we watch different films with my son, we like going to the movies, sometimes we go to the theatre to watch spectacles or ballet. I have a fancy for many things, currently I learn to work with epoxy clay. I like to do different things with my hands (cooking tasty dishes, sewing a little or something else). I am interested in traveling and I’am bored to sit in one place for a long time.

    I am gentle, wise, sociable, purposeful, open for people, intelligent, caring. I appreciate the honesty of relationships, cleanliness and order. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. I’m patient, but I can stand up for myself and my son. An optimist, I love to joke and laugh kindly. Cheerful, active and easy going, very creative.

  • Je cherche :
    I want to meet a man capable of being a loving and caring husband for me. Also he should be a mentor and a good example for my son. He should be with a balanced character, stress-resistant in relation to the surrounding world, with an optimistic and realistic outlook on life. Confident in himself and his capabilities; a man capable of making plans and achieving them. I am looking for a man who can appreciate the kindness, care and love of his beloved. A man that I want to call my husband, should be open to discuss and find compromise solutions in case of misunderstandings and difficulties.